Yoga Therapy Center

SGY’s Yoga Therapy Center offers online or in-person sessions with certified yoga therapist Dannette Mason for individuals or small groups.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is the specific application of yogic tools – postures, breathing, meditation techniques, and more – to address an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional needs. Yoga therapists have in-depth training to help them assess and keep their clients safe. They work with you to address your specific goals while considering any limitations you might be experiencing.

Yoga Therapy as a Complementary and Integrative Health Practice Can Help:

Chronic pain

Structural imbalances

Neurological disorders

Low back pain

High blood pressure

Autoimmune disorders



Stress reduction

Mental health

Emotional health



And much more

How is Yoga Therapy Different?

The yogic model of health is unique because it addresses every aspect of life rather than considering each body part or system separately. Yoga therapy is a safe way of working with the natural capacity of your body and mind to optimize well-being. A general public yoga class can certainly ease everyday aches, pains, and mood complaints. But a yoga therapy session, whether one-to-one or in a small group, goes much further because it is tailored to the individual.

Yoga Therapy Commitment

Whether in person or online, the commitment to yoga therapy requires consistency and repetition. As with anything in life, the more you put into your commitments, the greater the results. Results can be and often are felt immediately, but for them to be life-changing, there must be consistency and repetition. As your yoga therapist, I will partner with you to created achievable goals and sustainable practices. To do so requires 5 sessions minimum. Session duration and frequency will be determined based on individual needs and health goals.

About Your Yoga Therapist

Dannette Mason is a highly trained and experienced Yoga Therapist with a powerful and personal belief in the body’s ability to recover and heal. In 1996 Dannette suffered a traumatic brain injury that resulted in many years of chronic pain and neurological dysfunction. In her quest to feel well she discovered gentle, therapeutic yoga and her life was ever changed. Soon her devoted practice led Dannette to enroll in her first 200 hour training. Upon completion she began teaching immediately, focusing on students with chronic pain and auto-immune illness. With a desire to learn more and to help her students heal, Dannette enrolled in several more trainings, until she eventually received her Yoga Therapist Certification in 2017. With over 2000 hours of training and many more hours of teaching, Dannette has developed a unique ability to understand the human body and mind through the lens of Yoga Therapy. Dannette’s areas of specialty and certification are: Yoga for Neurological Disorders, Yoga for Mood Management, Yoga for Cancer and Cardiac Recovery, Yoga for Trauma, Yoga for Chronic Pain, Yoga for Combat Veterans, and Yoga for Healthy Aging

Free Yoga Therapy Consultation

With just a few minute phone conversation, we can determine if this is the right modality and if I am the best yoga therapist to meet your needs. To request a consultation, please email me a request at [email protected]. 

Book Your Yoga Therapy Sessions

Five 60-Minute Sessions for $425

Online sessions are offered live via Zoom. Live sessions are offered at our newly opened Yoga Therapy Center, located in the majestic mountain town of Idyllwild, CA: 54585 N Circle Drive, Idyllwild, CA 92549