Yoga Teacher Training

Embracing the Power of Gentle Yoga

The School of Gentle Yoga has been on the forefront of the power that is Gentle Yoga for years. Our curriculum is precisely designed to support us in the here and now, with our modern disorders and demands of stress, while harnessing and honoring the most ancient principle of yoga – that despite everything – all of our stresses, our traumas, our stories, and our labels – at the core of it all we are perfectly whole and complete. At the School of Gentle Yoga, we understand that we are leading the revolution to redefine what it means to be gentle in practice. Gentle is a state of mind and quality of practice that accesses our essential nature. Gentle does not minimize – it deepens immensely. Graduates of this training will be well-prepared to teach a range of classes from Restorative to Active Hatha, with a deep sense of energetic alignment and spiritual wisdom. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”

It is time. Let’s shake the world together shall we?

Yoga Teacher Training Programs

The School of Gentle Yoga is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance. Upon graduation from the School of Gentle Yoga 200 Hour Training, you will be eligible to become a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance, the internationally recognized registry association for yoga teachers.

200 Hour YTT

300 Hour YTT

Program Philosophy & Guiding Principles

Every body benefits from time spent in gentle practice

That is the belief and core teaching principle of The School of Gentle Yoga. Gentle Yoga is for every body – every ability, every age, every temperament, every constitution and every body within Yoga philosophy.

At the heart of our core teachings are our “F Principle” philosophies.

Principle #1

Foundation in Body and Breath

Foundation is not simply established at our roots. It is informed in the harmony between our body and breath, the integrity in our lines of energy (prana), and their response to the demands of our practice.

Principle #2

Function Over Form

Function, or intention, of each pose is prioritized over the “ideal” shape or prescribed form. This allows each individual to find their expression of the pose while honoring their unique constitution.

Principle #3

Flow – Dynamic, Breath-led Movement

Flow is the rhythmic, breath-led arrangement of movements that allows even the most active practice to feel meditative and gentle. Breath led movements harmonize the nervous system, allowing for an inward moving experience in even the most active classes.

Principle #4

Felt Sense

Felt Sense is the practice of interpreting the body as a map of sensation, with each sensation a cue to cultivating internal body awareness and greater depth and awareness in our practice and our life.

Principle #5

Freedom of Expression

When each of the previous principles are attain, the result is the ultimate goal of yoga – freedom. Freedom to feel. Freedom to express. Freedom to choose. Freedom to Be.

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