Dannette Mason - Founder of School of Gentle Yoga

Hi! I’m Dannette Mason.

I’m the Founder and Lead Teacher/Trainer at the School of Gentle Yoga. For years my students have been asking me to record my classes and workshops so they may practice with me at any time from anywhere. It took a global pandemic to make it happen, but it is finally here!

Welcome to the School of Gentle Yoga online studio!

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Why Practice With Me?

After suffering a traumatic brain injury in 1996, I was left debilitated and depressed, wondering if I would ever regain my former quality of life. Fortunately I was introduced to Gentle Yoga, and after years of dedicated practice, I not only regained, but surpassed my former quality of life. I have been studying and teaching Yoga ever since, and have dedicated my life to understanding and sharing the intrinsic therapeutic value of Gentle Yoga.

Gentle Yoga is a mindset, not a modification.

In 2017 I became a Yoga Therapist, achieving the highest level of certification possible in the U.S.. As a result of my many years of practice and training I have developed a specific style of Yoga that, when practiced regularly, allows you to access your greatest peace and vitality. Yoga is more than a career for me, it is a lifelong commitment. Every day I commit myself to a deeper mastery of my craft. And every class I teach is infused with my devotion and reverence for Yoga and all who practice with me.

Student Testimonials

“I have been practicing yoga with Dannette for six years at the Encinitas CA Senior Center. Her class has helped me with balance, flexibility and strength through her varied yoga moves. Each class is varied, targeting different areas, and we are guided to adapt the moves to suit our needs. Her winning personality makes the class fun.”

K LHeureux

“How do you live well into your 70’s being healthy, strong, flexible and balanced, both physically and spiritually? You join and follow Dannette’s yoga class. I did 6 yrs ago. She changed my life. She will change your too.”

E. McDuffey

“Dannette is a very knowledgeable and warm instructor. No matter what level you are at, she meets and encourages your growth. She is kind and patient. What I love most is that she explains why and how the moves help our bodies. I’ve been to many other classes where you just follow the instructor but don’t really know what you’re doing or why. I’ve learned so much from Dannette. I can see why she is such an effective yoga teacher for future instructors.”

J. Timm

“Have you ever taken a yoga class and wished the hour was over? Straining? Stretching? Uncomfortable? The good news is that will never happen in a yoga class with Dannette Mason. Her work is filled with love and gentleness. Each pose and move is designed to enhance your relationship to yourself, to the earth, to spirit. Her voice supports the gentle process and she seems to know exactly what I need and when I need it. I enjoy being able to practice whenever I want; her videos are easy to follow and I complete them with a renewed sense of joy and groundedness. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, I highly recommend you join Danette on this gentle yoga journey.”

K. Fleming

“Dannette teaches from an abundance of trust. She is compassionate, patient, and kind, and has a strong sensitivity to students’ needs and differences. Rather than just showing poses, Dannette helps us understand the learning process involved. She shares her wisdom and knowledge in such a graceful way. I’ve been a student of hers for years and when I complete my class I feel satiated, calm, and safe.”

C. Clay

“Yoga with Dannette is alignment of body, movement and breath, meditative, calming and strengthening, restorative, and wonderful.”

A. Keener


Who is this membership for?

Anyone looking to reduce stress and increase resilience
Experienced Yogis who value a safe practice that will still challenge
Practitioners who value a balanced, well-rounded practice
Students looking to slow down and connect to the present moment
Seekers of the therapeutic benefits of Yoga
Beginners to experienced, teens to seniors – Gentle Yoga with Dannette is for every body

What does your membership include?

6 – 10 New Classes Each Month
Access to an Extensive On Demand Library of Videos
Bonus Access to special Yoga Therapy videos
Priority Registration to Courses and Series
Special Discounts on Workshops and Trainings

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You will have complete, on-demand access to our extensive library of prerecorded classes – including bonus yoga therapy videos designed to support you with specific health needs.

And for practitioners interested in taking their practice deeper, SGY Members will have discounted access to the trainings and workshops presented by Dannette and master guest teachers.

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