What is Gentle Yoga?

Transformation with ease, grace, and awareness is how we interpret gentle here at The School of Gentle Yoga. Whether in a vinyasa flow, matching breath with movement, or in a restful restorative pose where you move away from the body and breath into the stillness, gentle is a way of being with yourself that gives you access to your greatest depths – to your truest Self.

Our Mission

It is our purpose to train and teach in a way that brings Harmony to the world,

one body, breath, and mind at a time.

Meet Dannette

Dannette Mason - Founder of School fo Gentle Yoga and Owner of Yoga Oceanside

Dannette Mason is a highly trained and experienced Yoga Therapist with a powerful and personal belief in the body’s ability to recover and heal. In 1996 Dannette suffered a traumatic brain injury that resulted in many years of chronic pain and neurological dysfunction. In her quest to feel well she discovered gentle, therapeutic yoga and her life was ever changed. Soon her devoted practice led Dannette to enroll in her first 200 hour training. Upon completion she began teaching immediately, focusing on students with chronic pain and auto-immune illness. With a desire to learn more and to help her students heal, Dannette enrolled in several more trainings, until she eventually received her Yoga Therapist Certification in 2017. With over 2000 hours of training and many more hours of teaching, Dannette has developed a unique ability to understand the human body and mind through the lens of Yoga Therapy. Dannette’s areas of specialty and certification are: Yoga for Neurological Disorders, Yoga for Mood Management, Yoga for Cancer and Cardiac Recovery, Yoga for Trauma, Yoga for Chronic Pain, Yoga for Combat Veterans, and Yoga for Healthy Aging, Yoga and Polyvagal