Who are you?

Who are you?

Yoga is the journey of the self,
Through the self,
To the Self.

~Bhagavad Gita

We can learn a lot about ourself on our yoga mats. Asana (postures) are designed to reveal, reinforce, and realign our physical being. The more we show up on our mats, the more awareness we have about patterns and habits of posture.

The same is true of the more subtle practices of yoga like contemplation. Contemplation is the practice of observation and consideration from a place of curiosity and non-judgement. It is a powerful way to look at oneself to observe patterns and habitual ways of being that may or may not be serving us.

Embodiment Contemplation Practice

This practice has three steps, although you may want to and are welcome to do the meditation only. You choose.

Part One – Consider

Consider the following questions. You can either contemplate the questions internally, or write them down. And it may be beneficial to discuss them with someone you love.

1. Consider a major pattern or habit that keeps showing up in your life.
2. Consider how does this pattern or habit serve you?
3. Consider how does this pattern or habit not/no longer serve you? Maybe even disempower you?
4. What new choice does your soul want to make about this pattern or habit?

Part Two – Embody

Contemplation, as we did in part one, is a practice of developing self-awareness. In part two we use a guided meditation practice to then embody that awareness. Embodiment turns a theoretical awareness into a cellular experience that we can return to and repeat as needed.

Experience this short (10 minute) guided meditation and then return for one more question below.

Guided Meditation

Part Three – Reveal

As you return slowly from the meditation, notice what is present. Notice sensations in the body. Notice the breath. Notice the quality of the mind. Observe.

And finally, reflect upon your answer to question four above. When that is so – when you have acted upon the choice your soul made…

Who are you?

Welcome to your practice!

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