About School of Gentle Yoga

The School of Gentle Yoga has been on the forefront of the power that is Gentle Yoga for years. Our curriculum is precisely designed to support us in the here and now, with our modern disorders and demands, while harnessing and honoring the most ancient principle of yoga – that despite everything – all of our stresses, our traumas, our stories, and our labels – at the core of it all we are perfectly whole and complete. At the School of Gentle Yoga, we understand that we are leading the revolution to redefine what it means to be gentle in practice. Gentle is a state of mind and quality of practice that accesses our essential nature. Gentle does not minimize – it deepens immensely.

Every body benefits from time spent in gentle practice. When we slow down, move with the breath, and honor our body and mind in each and every movement, we gain access to what’s beneath the busyness, and stress, and distraction of daily life, and move back to our true nature of Harmony. It is our purpose to train and teach in a way that brings Harmony to the world, one body, breath, and mind at a time.

Student Testimonials

“School of Gentle Yoga exceeded all expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend this school to anyone seeking a yoga program or a life path!”

L Jacobsen

“Yoga teacher training at the School of Gentle Yoga changed my life. Dannette Mason is an incredibly knowledgeable teacher. The curriculum she created is thoughtful and inspiring. I feel extremely prepared to begin my journey as a hatha yoga teacher specializing in gentle yoga. I highly recommend the School of Gentle Yoga.”

J Kim

“The School of Gentle Yoga provided a comprehensive program covering yoga philosophy, proper sequencing and anatomy. I went into the program not certain I even wanted to teach, I now feel fully prepared and enthusiastic to teach yoga!”

L Keig-Morrell

“I went in with high hopes and expectations…… ALL were exceeded! Comprehensive course on all levels. Life changing!”

L Beliveau

“This training brought together a variety of the most talented, creative and unique yoga instructors in the area. The founder and lead teacher Dannette is exceptional at both teaching yoga and yoga theory. She has a background in communications (writing), so her manual is beautifully crafted… and she has a background as a life coach, so she leads the group dynamic effectively. The group of students became exceptionally close, partly due to the way the space was held. It was a gift to be a part of this training. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in pursuing Gentle Yoga training.”

J Ruef

“The training at the School of Gentle Yoga is exceptional. The program is well conceived and well executed. All of the teachers are talented, helpful, and genuinely vested in the success of each student. The training manual and selection of required materials are also great. I graduated with a real understanding of yoga philosophy, solid teaching skills, and a greater appreciation of humanity. I am eternally grateful to the SGY for its impact on my life.”

O McGhee

“The School of Gentle Yoga exemplifies a learning environment that integrates the theoretical, practical, and philosophical teachings of yoga in a loving, accepting, and gentle manner. While maintaining the integrity of all yoga asana. Emphasis of one’s “felt sense” of movement is an integral component of this school.”

S Miles


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