Beginners Yoga Series

Thinking about starting a yoga practice? Not sure where to begin?

I completely understand.


Years ago when I began my yoga journey, I had little understanding of the enormous benefits of the practice, and even less idea how to find a good, safe teacher to practice with. When I consider now what I wish I knew then, this program is exactly that!

Introducing the School of Gentle Yoga’s Beginners Yoga Series

Taught by Yoga Therapist, Teacher, and Trainer Dannette Mason, this new series begins January 19th.

Dannette Mason, Owner and Founder of School of Gentle Yoga

What’s in Your Way?

For an aspiring practitioner of yoga, there can be many barriers to beginning a regular, committed practice.



Of pain or injury, of being out of place, of choosing the wrong class/teacher, of not doing it “right”



Beliefs that you are not flexible enough, not in good enough shape, don’t have good enough balance, or that yoga is only for young, healthy people



Cost, location, time, props

Do any of these limitations sound familiar?

I know when I first began a group, studio practice, I worried about most of these things; I was not healthy enough to keep up, my clothes were all wrong, my mat was not the right kind, the teacher corrected me too much or ignored me too much, I could not afford to continue, and on and on…


Ultimately, the thing that inspired me to continue to show up was not how I looked when I practiced, but how I felt.


Yoga is a practice of accumulation. The more you practice, the more you realize the vast benefits the practice has on all aspects of your life – health, wellbeing, relationships, mindset, and more.


This program is designed to give you the experience and comfort to enable you to feel confidence in choosing the best classes and practice for you.

Every body benefits from time spent in gentle practice

What’s Included?

The School of Gentle Yoga’s Beginner’s Yoga Series is a four week comprehensive program, consisting of both live and pre-recorded practice and discussion. (All sessions will be recorded and available the same day for viewing if you are unable to attend live). Upon completion of this program, you can expect to have a greater understanding of foundational principals of yoga postures and breathing that you can take with you into any practice, class or studio.

Week 1

• Tuesday January 19th, 2-3pm PT - Live Introduction, Q&A, and 15 minute practice • Thursday January 21st, 2-3pm PT - Live Exploration of Foundation & Function of Poses, 15 minute practice, Q&A

Week 2

• Tuesday January 26th, 2-3pm PT - Live Introduction to Key Poses Part A, 30 minute practice • Thursday January 28th, 2-3pm PT - Live Introduction to Key Poses Part B, 30 minute practice

Week 3

• Tuesday February 2nd - Prerecorded 45 minute practice, review of practice and key concepts • Thursday February 4th, 2-3pm PT - Live 45 minute practice, Q&A

Week 4

• Tuesday February 9th - Prerecorded 60 minute practice • Thursday February 11th, 2-3pm PT - Live 60 minute practice, final Q&A

Who is it For?

Yoga newbies


Yoga practitioners looking for a more therapeutic yoga practice


Experienced or returning yogis with a desire to learn or relearn fundamentals


Seniors – age 55+ is the largest growing population new to yoga


Athletes with a desire to balance their current regiment


Anyone wanting to learn safe, inclusive yoga from a certified Yoga Therapist

Beginner’s Yoga Series begins January 19th. Enroll today!

$39 for 4 week series (or included with your SGY monthly membership)