What is Gentle Yoga?

Transformation with ease, grace, and awareness is how we interpret gentle here at The School of Gentle Yoga. Whether in a vinyasa flow, matching breath with movement, or in a restful restorative pose where you move away from the body and breath into the stillness, gentle is a way of being with yourself that gives you access to your greatest depths – to your truest Self.

Our Mission

It is our purpose to train and teach in a way that brings Harmony to the world,

one body, breath, and mind at a time.

Meet Dannette

Dannette Mason - Founder of School fo Gentle Yoga and Owner of Yoga Oceanside

Dannette is the Founding Director of the School of Gentle Yoga, where she specializes in training that focuses on the art and science of Gentle Yoga. After sustaining a life-changing traumatic brain injury in 1996, Dannette began a journey of recovery that led to a devoted practice and deep study of the healing aspects of Yoga. A graduate of the IAYT Yoga Therapy program at The Soul of Yoga Institute, Dannette has studied with master teachers of many lineages, and developed a unique style, combining her studies with her personal healing journey. Dannette’s signature style is a practice of present moment awareness. Alignment is guided by the meditative felt-sense of body, breath and senses. It is a deeply harmonizing experience of Yoga and Self. She considers it an incredible honor to live and teach in North San Diego County, where there is a growing return to the subtle aspects of Yoga. It her greatest belief that every body benefits from time spent in a gentle practice. Dannette is an E-RYT 500, Certified Yoga Therapist, Somatic Practitioner, and Life Coach.

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